It is very difficult to compress more than 400 years of history in a few lines, but... so that the most curious do not remain with the desire to know some of the secrets that keep these centennial walls, here we leave them.


Upon arrival, Casa do Sear receives the visitor with a shield that rises over the doorway of the house.


The relation of the construction with the Pazo de Barbeitos (San Xurxo de Cotovade) and with the Palace of García Flores, one of those belonging to the Provincial Museum of Pontevedra is deduced from the coat of arms and from the weapons represented in its partitions.


Designed in a cross shape, the Estévez, Suárez, Flores, Fariña, Matos and, mainly, García are represented. The "santiaguista" cross is interlocked in the middle of a decoration of baroque taste, which surrounds the outline of the shield, stamped by the gilded helmet.


On the stone lintel can be read the year 1742 on an inscription, although the building comes from 1591.

National Heritage

-BUILT 1591-

This story began several centuries ago.

A story that is lived day by day.

A story that is written with each new visitor, with each new guest.

A story that fuses the past with the present, and that promises to endure over time.

This is the story of Casa do Sear...

And you are already part of it!

The original main gate gives way to an interior patio, in which a baroque balustrade can be seen. This limits to the small patio on which the stone staircase ends.


The “hórreo”, the stone dovecote and the mine fountain are preserved in the land surrounding the house.


Casa do Sear was known, in its origins, as "The Tower of the Sear", but later and for many years, it did it as "The House of the Colonel", because before it reached our family, it tells the story that it belonged to a Colonel. In fact, many neighbors were convinced that we would leave that name once restored.


Since 2001, all the locals as well as those who have shared some days in our facilities recognize it as "Casa do Sear".

If you want to continue writing this story, do not hesitate and contact us.

YEAR 2000