How to get here

Pontevedra is connected by the Atlántico Highway AP-9, which is the coastal Galician vertebra from north to south, passing through the most important cities of the region. From Portugal, the A-3 connects cities such as Porto or Braga with the AP-9 that arrives in PontevedraThe A-52 -Autovia de las Rías Baixas- connects Pontevedra with the center of the Peninsula. And the VR-41 Rapid Route will take up to the Ría de Arousa.


Once in Pontevedra, the options to get to Casa do Sear are 3:

-Directly on the PO-308: fastest and prettiest route.

-Through the VG-4.8 to continue on the PO-310 and finally continue on the PO-308: best option in rush hours to avoid traffic between Pontevedra and Poio, but without losing the charm of the coastal road.

-Through the AP-9 to continue for the VR-41: there is a false myth that you get there earlier as it is a fast track, but it is not like that, as there is a longer distance and you also take the risk of traffic jams at the entrance of Sanxenxo. We would only recommend you this one if you came from Santiago.


VERY IMPORTANT: In any case, if you use a GPS, never write down the name of the house or address in "Final Destination", since it will prevent the browser from playing a trick. Instead, write "Restaurante A Postiña, in Areas-Sanxenxo." On this way, you will reach the main road point where our first signs are, and from there to the house there are only 500m., distance along which you will see other indicators that will take you directly to the entrance.


National: Barcelona (Ryanair & Vueling Airlines) / Bilbao (Air Nostrum L.A. Mediterráneo) / Gran Canaria (Binter Canarias) / Madrid (Air Europa & Iberia) / Tenerife Norte (Binter Canarias) / Valencia (Air Nostrum L.A. Mediterráneo)



-By car: you must drive on the N-556, being able to link with it through the AP-9 or the A-55.


-If you need a taxi, you must go down to floor 0, next to the bus stop.


-By bus: this airport is the closest to Pontevedra, and has the bus line 9A of Vitrasa that will take you to the center of Vigo. If you want to go to the train station, get off at Rua Urzaiz 13 stop. From there, lines L8, L16 and L24 will take you to the Vigo-Guixar train station, where you can buy a ticket to Pontevedra. If on the other hand, you want to go by bus to Pontevedra, you have to get off at the Travesía de Vigo 7 stop (Choróns) and there take the L4C or L23 line to the bus station. The company Monbus makes the Vigo-Pontevedra route every hour. For more information, visit www.vitrasa.es

Located at 9Km. from downtown and at 48Km. from Casa do Sear

Airport of PEINADOR (Vigo)


National: Alicante-Elche (Air Europa, Ryanair & Vueling Airlines) / Barcelona-El Prat (Ryanair & Vueling Airlines) / Bilbao (Air Nostrum L.A. Mediterráneo) / Fuerteventura (Vueling Airlines) / Gran Canaria (Air Europa & Ryanair) / Lanzarote (Air Europa, Ryanair & Vueling Airlines) / Madrid (Iberia Express & Ryanair) / Málaga-Costa del Sol (Air Europa, Ryanair & Vueling Airlines) / Palma de Mallorca (Air Nostrum L.A. Mediterráneo, Ryanair & Vueling Airlines) / Sevilla (Ryanair) / Tenerife Norte (Air Europa, Air Nostrum L.A. Mediterráneo & Vueling Airlines) / Tenerife Sur (Ryanair) / Valencia (Ryanair)

International: Amsterdam (Vueling Airlines) / Basel (EasyJet Switzerland, S.A.) / Dublin (Aer Lingus) / Frankfurt-Fra (Lufthansa) / Frankfurt-Hahn Ihn (Ryanair) / Ginebra (EasyJet Switzerland, S.A.) / Londres-Stansted (Ryanair) / Milan-Bergamo (Ryanair) / Munich (Lufthansa) / Paris-Charles de Gaulle (Vueling Airlines) / Roma-Fiumicino (Vueling Airlines)



-By car: you can use the N-634 and the AP-9 highway.

-If you need a taxi, the stop is on the 0 floor, right next to the bus stop. You can request adapted transport in the following telephone: 981.535.154


-By bus: the airport is in the outskirts of Santiago, so you'll have to take the airport bus to get to the city (it takes between 20 to 30 minutes depending on traffic). There is a line that connects the center of the city with several points of Santiago, such as the bus station, the railway station and the Pazo de Congresos, among others. It has a frequency of half an hour, with departures from the airport between 7:00h. and 01:00h. and, in the opposite direction, between 6:00h. and 00:00h. For more information, visit www.empresafreire.com If you decide to stop at the bus station, the company Monbus does the Santiago-Pontevedra route quite frequently every day. If instead you prefer to come by train, get off at the train station stop and buy your ticket right there.

Located at 12Km. from downtown and at 85Km. from Casa do Sear

Airport of LAVACOLLA (Santiago de Compostela)


National: Barcelona-El Prat (Vueling Airlines) / Gran Canaria (Vueling Airlines) / Madrid (Air Europa & Iberia) / Palma de Mallorca (Vueling Airlines) / Sevilla (Vueling Airlines) / Tenerife Sur (Vueling Airlines) / Valencia (Vueling Airlines)

International: Londres-Heathrow (Vueling Airlines)



-By car: you will have to take the AP-9 from the AC-14AL.


-If you need a taxi, you can take it at the airport, right next to the bus stop. You can call the following telephone numbers for more information: 981.243.333 / 981.287.777


-By bus: there is a regular line that connects the airport with downtown and vice versa. Its frequency on working days - in both directions - is half an hour from 7:15h. until 21:15h., extending the schedule on Saturdays until 22:30h. Sundays and holidays extends from 8:30h. until 22:30h. from A Coruña and from 9:00h. until 22:00h. in the opposite direction. The route of line 443 from the airport to A Coruña takes 30 minutes. From there, you can come to Pontevedra by bus or train. You can buy train and bus tickets at the same station. For more information, consult the web www.autoscalpita.es

Located at 11Km. from downtown and at 140Km. from Casa do Sear

Airport ALVEDRO (A Coruña)


National: Faro (Ryanair) / Lisboa (Ryanair & TAP) / Madeira (Transavia France, TAP & EasyJet) / Ponta Delgada-Azores (Ryanair & Azores Airlines)

International: Ajaccio (Air Corsica) / Amsterdam (Transavia, KLM, TAP & Vueling Airlines) / Atenas (Aegan Airlines) / Barcelona (Ryanair, TAP & Vueling Airlines) / Basilea-Mulhouse (EasyJet) / Berlin (Ryanair) / Birmingham (Ryanair) / Bolonia (Ryanair) / Bremen (Ryanair) / Bristol (EasyJet) / Bruselas (Ryanair, Brussels Airlines & Ryanair) / Budapest (Wizz Air) / Burdeos (Ryanair) / Cagliari (Ryanair) / Casablanca (Royal Air Marco) / Clermont-Ferrand (Ryanair) / Colonia-Bonn (Ryanair) / Copenhague (Ryanair) / Cracovia (Ryanair) / Deauville (ASL Airlines) / Dole (ASL Airlines & Ryanair) / Dortmund (Ryanair) / Dublin (Ryanair) / Dusseldorf (Eurowings & Ryanair) / Edimburgo ( Ryanair) / Eindhoven (Ryanair) / Estambul (Turkish Airlines) / Estrasburgo (Ryanair) / Francfort (Lufthansa) / Ginebra (TAP & EasyJet) / Hamburgo (Ryanair) / Karlsruhe-Baden (Ryanair) / Katowice (Wizz Air) / La Rochelle (Ryanair) / Las Palmas (Ryanair) / Lille (Ryanair) / Liverpool (Ryanair) / Londres-Gatwick (TAP & EasyJet) / Londres-Luton (EasyJet) / Londres-Stansted (Ryanair) / Lorient (Ryanair) / Luanda (TAAG) / Luxemburgo (Ryanair, Luxair, TAP & EasyJet) / Lyon (Transavia France & EasyJet) / Madrid (Ryanair & Iberia) / Malta (Ryanair) / Manchester (Ryanair & EasyJet) / Marrakech (Ryanair) / Marselia (Ryanair) / Memmingen (Ryanair) / Milán (Ryanair & TAP) / Montreal (Air Transat) / Múnich (Lufthansa) / Nantes (EasyJet) / Nápoles (Ryanair) / Niza (EasyJet) / Nowy Dwor Mazowiecki (Ryanair) / Nueva York (TAP) / Núremberg (Ryanair) / Palma de Mallorca (Ryanair) / París-Beauvais-Tille (Ryanair) / París-Charles De Gaulle (ASL Airlines & EasyJet) / París-Orly Field (Transavia France, TAP, Vueling Airlines & Aigle Azur) / París-Vatry (Ryanair)



-By car: you will have to take the A-41 / IC-24, to continue on the A-3, A-55 and AP-9.


-If you need a taxi, you can take it from the airport itself 24 hours a day. For more information, see www.antral.pt or call +351-225.353.359


-By shuttle: Autna is a road transport service that regularly connects Porto Airport and the cities of Valença and Vigo.


-By bus: several companies, such as ALSA, FLIXBUS, Rede Expressos, Eurolines Suisse... offer regular services between the airport of Oporto and Pontevedra or Vigo.

Located at 13Km. from downtown and at 181Km. from Casa do Sear

Airport of Francisco SÁ-CARNEIRO (Oporto-Portugal)

Pontevedra or Vigo train station

The province of Pontevedra is also connected to the rest of the peninsula by rail. For information on prices and schedules you can check out www.renfe.es


Next to the Pontevedra train station is the bus station, from which you can take a bus to "Sanxenxo-O Grove" and stop at "Areas". From the bus stop to the house there are only 500m.

Pontevedra bus station

The Pontevedra bus station is located at Rúa Calvo Sotelo, very close to Avenida Orense, parallel to the river. The main companies that operate in this city are the following:


-Alsa: connects Pontevedra with the cities of Madrid and Lugo. For more information: https://www.alsa.es/


-Monbus: is another of the companies that offer more services to and from this city. The destinations of A Coruña, Lugo, O Grove, Ourense, Santiago de Compostela, Sanxenxo, Vigo, Barcelona, ​​Bilbao, Burgos, Irún, Lleida, Logroño, Vitoria and San Sebastián stand out. More detailed information at: http://www.monbus.es/


-Avanza Group: this company offers lines from Pontevedra to Madrid, Tordesillas and Soutelo de Montes. More information on its website: http://www.avanzabus.com/


-Cuiña: this company, integrated into the Rías Altas group, offers routes to A Estrada, Silleda, Meis, Ribadumia, Cambados, San Pedro de Ancorados and several university routes, both to Santiago and Vigo. Get information about schedules and rates on their website: http://www.autocarescuina.com/


-Garcia Castro: from Pontevedra we can link towards Ponte Caldelas and Carballedo. Schedules and rates at: http://www.autocaresgarciacastro.com/


-Núñez Barros: links points such as Vilagarcía, Illa de Arousa, Vilanova, Ponte Arnelas, Andras, and Hospital do Salnés with Pontevedra, its website is as follows: http://www.autocaresnb.com/


-Raúl company: connects Pontevedra with A Cañiza and O Porriño. Visit their website to find out about the schedules and other routes: http://www.empresaraul.com/


-Rías Baixas: is the company in charge of the metropolitan transport of the city, linking the bus station with points such as the Plaza de España, Monte Porreiro and Salcedo. More information at: http://www.autocaresriasbaixas.com/

Vigo bus station

For being another of the great cities of the Galician community, at Vigo bus station we will find several important companies that offer multiple lines and links.


-Alsa: also present in this city, it offers connections and links to several European and Spanish cities. They emphasize the ones that lead to the north of the country, concretely to Asturias, Cantabria, Basque Country. There are also regular lines to different parts of Andalusia and Catalonia. For more information: https://www.alsa.es/


-Grupo Avanza: this company links the city of Vigo with Madrid, Valladolid and Forcarei. If you want to check their regularity and schedules, visit: http://www.avanzabus.com/


-Autna: this is the company responsible for linking Vigo with the Portuguese cities of Lisbon and Porto.


-Castromil / Monbus: this company is present in all the main bus stations in Galicia, offering routes from Vigo to Morrazo, Pontevedra, Sanxenxo, Santiago, A Coruña, Ferrol, Ourense and Lugo. It also has links with points outside the Galician community, these being those of Valladolid, Burgos, Logroño, San Sebastián, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Zaragoza, Lleida and Barcelona. For more information: http://www.monbus.es/


-Melytour: offers routes from Vigo to Gondomar and the city's university. For more information call the telephone number: 986 442 222


-Atsa and Autocares González: especially in the summer months they allow vacationers to travel from Vigo to Nigrán, Playa América, Baiona, A Guarda and O Rosal. You will find information about the schedules on their websites: http://atsahorarios.com/ http://www.autosgonzalez.es/


-Vitrasa: is the company responsible for linking the urban area of ​​Vigo, its website is the following: http: //www.vitrasa.es

If you travel from France, the United Kingdom or Ireland, you can choose to come by ferry to Santander or Bilbao and, from there, drive your own vehicle while discovering the northwest coast of the Iberian Peninsula.


The company with the most routes is Brittany Ferries. For more information, visit the website www.brittanyferries.es

To Santander or Bilbao


These three ports receive numerous cruise ships throughout the year, but especially in the summer season, between April and September.

To Vigo, A Coruña or to Oporto

Cruise Ships

If you travel in a private vessel, you can dock at any of these three ports.


-To moor at the Sanxenxo marina, see www.rcnsanxenxo.com

-To moor in the marina of Combarro, see www.combarromar.com

-To moor in the marina of Baiona, see www.puertobaiona.com

Moorings in  Sanxenxo, Combarro or Baiona

Private Boats


Terms & Conditions

To confirm a booking is essential to pay 25% out of the total amount in advance.


The advance payment can be delivered by bank transfer or by providing a credit card info.


It is FREE, if the cancellation is made with a minimum of 7 days before the check-in date.


If you cancel with less than 7 days before the check-in date, you can change the date  without additional cost.

Changes of Date

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